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resistance Is necessary!

Play Hard, Lift Hard 24/7

When lifting becomes your passion you’ll understand why there’s no gym like T’s Strength Studio. If you love lifting hard and getting results, we want you here. If you’re looking for tanning salons and massage chairs in your gym, this isn’t the place for you. We are heavy lifters, but welcome anyone trying to improve their fitness with hard work and determination. The gym is open 24/7 so no matter what your schedule the iron is waiting.


Proper lifting and form is essential to getting the results you want and preventing serious injury, but there is more than that. Nutrition takes a huge role in your results and overall health. At T’s Body Studio Gym and Fitness Center our Personal Trainers are also certified nutrition experts that will help you to achieve your goals in and out of the gym by developing a nutrition plan personalized for your goals.

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Lifting Equipment

Build muscle and torch excess fat with our body sculpting equipment selection. We have all the old School Goodies. Squat Racks, Deadlift Area, Leg Press, As well as standard workout equipment we also offer specialty tools for our dedicated members. We have giant tires for flipping, speed bags to flip and rotate, and heavy bags to increase your power and get a shredded upper body.

Weight Training

Are you ready to start taking your lifting goals seriously? Begin a training regime today filled with tire flipping, punching bags, and tools to help you succeed. Get Started

No Contracts

T’s Strength Studio in Albany, OR offers a safe and effective solution for people at all levels of conditioning and fitness to feel better, look better and perform better than you ever thought possible. To remove one barrier there are no contracts here, pay by the day, buy a punch card or pay a low monthly fee without obligation, credit checks, or expensive contracts.